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Couture Marketing Group

Couture Marketing Group exists to help brands grow. With deep brand and agency experience working for both B2B and B2C, our leadership team has been on both sides of the table. We’ve worked with global brands, emerging brands, and just about everything in between. Couture Marketing is the culmination of our collective experience and reflection of where we want to be as accomplished marketers – sitting at the most fulfilling seats at the table. A place where we get to work hand-in-hand with our clients’ businesses brand to make a positive impact on their life and business. Complementing our leadership team is a carefully cultivated network of trusted marketing specialists that we activate on demand. This cost-wise approach enables us to provide you with precisely the marketing you need, when you need it. No more, no less.

Facts –

  • A full-Service traditional and digital marketing company
  • Headquartered in Amarillo, TX
  • No BS lots of hard work
  • Transparency is key
  • No one out-hustles, out-strategizes, or does marketing better
  • We believe doing the right things every day the right things come back to you
  • A sophisticated marketing company that knows how to have fun

Let’s talk about our motto –

Couture Marketing Group strives for excellence. This means that we will always provide cost-wise (effective) marketing that is elite, upscale, and customizable.

Cost-Wise Marketing

Big marketing groups often have revenue goals they need to achieve on certain marketing product streams, whether that be because it’s more cost-effective for them to use it (so they make more money) or because it is a simple execution. We choose to be excellent stewards of our partners’ marketing dollars. We propose and execute the most cost-effective and efficient marketing plan for your business.


Your marketing strategy shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. While a “spray and pray” approach was normal in the past, brands these days need to be more targeted. Deeply understanding your target audience can provide you with a significant competitive advantage. With our data-driven approach, we customize your marketing campaign to truly resonate with your audience building trust and loyal customers. We will continually optimize the campaign to ensure the best results along our journey.


Developing a quality (upscale) marketing strategy can be convoluted and overwhelming. The multitude of tools, channels, and tactics that are used in modern marketing makes it difficult for a business to do on its own. Partnering with CMG means that you have a marketing director sitting at the table supporting you in growing your brand and increasing your revenue.


A personalized marketing strategy that will build your brand, reputation, and visibility while bringing new prospects to your sales funnel.

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Couture Marketing Group